Monday, April 30, 2012

Justice Friends

Left to Right: Faclor the Woodsman (Bottom Row), Krunk (Top Row), Dexter, Action Hank, Agent Honey Dew, Major Glory, Val Hallen, and Monkey is in the fire.

This what I imagined when I saw The Avengers movie poster. While it is a parody of the Avengers its also a tribute to Genndy Tartakovsky's Dexter's Laboratory, a show about a boy genius, a secret lab, and a hyper bothersome sister. The show also had two segments within it called Dial M For Monkey which was about Dexter's pet monkey who was also a crime fighting superhero, and the Justice Friends; a sitcom styled series of shorts with Avenger-like heroes living in a small apartment as roommates.

So I decided to take the Avengers movie poster and replace them with the show's universe equivalents. Major Glory, Val Hallen, and the Infraggable Krunk are direct parodies of Captain America, Thor, and Hulk respectively. While Nick Fury and Iron Man both have in universe parodies, Dexter and Action Hank are more iconic so I used them instead. Agent Honeydew is basically Black Widow, and there's no Hawkeyes. So I used Falcor the Woodsman who is a D&D character of one of Dexter's unnamed friends.

I threw Monkey into the background because he was my favorite character.

Here's some of the work-progression shots;


  1. If you do, do prints of this. Can you let me know? I'd love to purchase one.

    1. Its now up for prints!

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